MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Release 5


Setup Wizard

Our new Wizard will help you to configure a data feed, a broker profile, download a list of the most popular symbols and get started in MultiCharts. 

Kraken Spot broker profile

One of the most requested crypto trading exchanges, Kraken Spot, is now available in MultiCharts.

Data and Brokerage 

  • CQG: CQG data feed and broker now support sub-accounts
  • CQG: Added the option to set Trader ID without reconnecting the CQG broker profile
  • Interactive Brokers: SMART exchange can now be used for American and Japanese symbols simultaneously
  • Barchart: It’s now possible to request up to 15 years of minute historical data
  • IQFeed: It’s now possible to look up FORWARD Futures symbols
  • Quandl: Added parsing for HKEX exchange symbols

General Improvements

  • Added the ‘Save All Workspaces’ function 


Charting/Data Handling

  • Fixed the real-time data charting after data reload
  • Fixed the issue with receiving delayed real-time data
  • Fixed the behaviour with first data appearing on a chart after the start of a new session
  • Cumulative Delta: Fixed the Tick by Tick Playback
  • Cumulative Delta: Fixed the behaviour with Cumulative Delta (contract resolution, Break on Session disabled) resetting in real time at the beginning of a new session
  • Cumulative Delta: Fixed the minute Cumulative Delta plotting with the ‘Build from Minutes’ option enabled.
  • Cumulative Delta: Changed the Custom Futures building rules. Now one cannot uncheck Break on Session for a Custom Futures symbol
  • Cumulative Delta: The Break on Session option can be enabled for time-based charts (second, minute, hourly bars)
  • Fixed the issue with real-time data on tick-based resolution charts with tick Bar Magnifier enabled
  • Fixed the issue with real-time data reception if after the session end another chart for the same symbol was closed
  • Drawing Tools: Fixed the arrow drawings display upon workspace opening
  • Drawing Tools: Fixed the position of drawings in relation to one another while scaling charts
  • Fixed the issue with the absence of data under certain ASCII Mapping settings
  • Fixed the issues with adding symbol data for Symbol Mapping when the broker gives no info on the symbol
  • Fixed bar closing on certain instruments after the session end
  • Fixed daily bar closing at timeout
  • Fixed the behaviour with the Backfilling, Waiting for data and Establishing connection statuses for charts with Break on Session disabled
  • Fixed the issue with the session end on certain instruments
  • CQG: Settlement data is no longer used for historical minute data
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issue with historical data download with ‘Build Tick-based Bars Using = 1 Tick’ option enabled when using Interactive Brokers Trader WorkStation version 10.18.1 or higher
  • GAIN Capital: Fixed the DOM display for problematic symbols
  • Poloniex: Fixed the data reception issue
  • OANDA: Fixed the issue with displaying a false flat position after reconnection


  • Fixed the strategy auto apply after broker profile connection
  • Fixed the issue with emulated orders execution after the broker profile is disabled
  • Fixed the issue with the position in Order and Position Tracker – Open Position and Order and Position Tracker – Position History getting out of sync
  • Fixed the issue with trading broker profile disconnecting in another MultiCharts instance
  • Fixed enabling Auto trading and Forward Testing in Portfolio Trader
  • Fixed the behaviour with active orders and positions not appearing on a chart after opening a workspace
  • Fixed the Strategy Performance Report date export in LibreOffice (OpenOffice)


  • Fixed the behaviour with GetAppInfo(aiHighestDispValue) returning incorrect prices
  • Fixed the behaviour with the Commentary keyword adding an unexpected line break
  • Fixed the issue with accessing dynamic array elements using IEasyLanguageVariablePtr
  • Fixed the issue with FracPortion and IntPortion calculation on large numbers
  • Fixed the rare error with market order generation with PlaceMarketOrder keyword


  • Fixed the ASCII-import dialogue box hanging
  • Fixed the exception upon enabling Chart Trading Panel when all the broker profiles are deactivated
  • Fixed the exception when importing invalid QMD files
  • Fixed the “file.txt” message and application error at the end of the Walk-Forward Optimization
  • Fixed the application error when opening a corrupted workspace
  • Fixed Portfolio Trader window hanging when scaling the Forward Performance Graph tab
  • Fixed the system related issue with hanging broker processes
  • Fixed the application error when clicking Up/Down/Top/Bottom in the Format Forex Window


Fixed the excessive memory consumption of MultiCharts processes with Exit ATM Trailing Stop enabled