MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Release 6


General Improvements

QuoteManager: The holiday list now includes 2023 holidays now.


Charting/Data Handling

  • Fixed the calculation of BoxSize based on ATR% in a situation where the MinMove of a symbol is different from 1.
  • Drawing tools: Solved the issue with parallel lines intersection in Equidistant Channel and Regression Channel.


  • CQG: Order IDs are made unique.
  • CQG: Realized P/L calculation after the connection break is now correct.


  • WFO: Now sessions are taken into account correctly during IS interval calculation.
  • WFO: Fixed the error of Forecast interval calculation.


  • Fixed the authorization error that appeared if login/password was copied from another application.
  • LMAX: Solved the issue with the disconnects and exception after the session end.
  • Fixed the application error in the Chart Trading Panel in a situation where the broker profile has accounts with the same name.