MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Release 4


Kraken data feed and broker profile

One of the most requested crypto trading exchanges, Kraken, is now available in MultiCharts.

Backtesting Edition

For license holders it is now possible to purchase an offline MultiCharts license that can be used for strategy development, backtesting, and optimization for a special price.

Risk Management mode of the Chart Trading Panel

Now it is easier to place an entry order protected with Stop Loss and Profit Target. Just set an offset in ticks, equity percent or currency, and MultiCharts will calculate the prices of exit orders and place all three orders at the same time.


  • IQFeed Client x64 is supported now.
  • Mov Avg Hull indicator is now included in the platform.
  • There is a new way to resize windows. One can resize multiple windows within the same border with a single operation. The mouse cursor and highlighting of window borders will show when one can start resizing of the window group.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Added the command to switch the pointer between the cross and arrow.
  • Added a new way to build Cumulative Delta charts — Bar Delta, where each new bar starts from zero.
  • Improved the algorithm of delayed real-time data handling.
  • Several indicators can be plotted under a single scale now. Place the indicators in the same subchart and enable Overlay Indicators checkbox for that.
  • Orders and Data Series Dragging: It is now easier to manage your chart objects with our new Orders and Data Series Dragging tool. Only active orders and data series will be available for dragging and formatting when the tool is enabled.

General Improvements

  • MultiCharts .NET child windows are now plotted in a new style.
  • One can now open a context menu with window management commands on the headers of the MultiCharts .NET child windows.
  • Added the feature allowing to merge all charts from 2D mode of the Optimization Results Window on the same scale.
  • Strategy Performance Report: Added the Average Profit column in the Strategy Performance Report.


  • Manual Trading: It is now possible to open an order placement menu by clicking the middle mouse button on the chart.

Bugs Fixed & Improvements

  • Charting/Data Handling
  • Reduced the delay in displaying a tick on the chart from the moment it hits in MultiCharts .NET.
  • Changed the rules of building the Custom Futures. Break on Session is now prohibited on Custom Futures charts.
  • Solved the case when studies turn off on a chart during switching symbols in the Scanner window linked to a chart.
  • Volume Delta: improved volume distribution during calculation on historical and real-time data.
  • Fixed the issue with building Renko charts under a certain From To request.
  • Now it is possible to turn off Break on Session on non-standard chart types with resolution greater than 4 hours.
  • ASCII Mapping: fixed the situation when data is duplicated if the same ASCII symbol is plotted on several charts.
  • Strategy Performance Report: Added the Average Profit column in the Strategy Performance Report.
  • Fail-Watch and Trading System Warnings: Fixed the false triggering of the FS06 alert.
  • Import Symbol List: It is now possible to import symbol lists with the Cryptocurrencies category.
  • CQG: Fixed the issue with getting data for DJDNV symbol.
  • Gain Capital: Now symbol data will be requested again after a disconnect.
  • Interactive Brokers: Redundant requests for Futures Options data were removed.
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issue with duplicating active orders after connection loss with Interactive Brokers.
  • Oanda: Improved receiving data and trading on US Nas 100 symbol.
  • TradeStation: Fixed the issue with getting the Open Interest when working with TradeStation 10.
  • WeBank: Now DOM can show up to 10 levels.
  • WeBank: Solved the issue with positioning of 60-minutes and hourly bars on a chart, as well as the case with duplicating the last bar.


  • Fixed the issue with generation and execution of orders with zero and negative prices.
  • CQG: Solved the case with connecting CQG broker profile if at the moment of connection there was an issue with writing the logs.
  • Dukascopy: Fixed hanging of an order in the Precancelled state.
  • FXCM: Fixed the issue with receiving updates about open positions.
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issue with negative order IDs.
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issue with updating the position information on the Position History tab in the Order and Position Tracker.
  • The position will not be reopened in the backtesting engine if the number of contracts and the average entry price are the same on the chart and at the broker when auto trading is enabled.


  • Optimization speed improved up to 25% compared to MultiCharts .NET 12.
  • Fixed the issue with calculating the indicators created in a signal in Portfolio Trader.
  • PowerLanguage: Improved the operation of “Recalculate” keyword in Portoflio Trader. “Recalculate” command will recalculate the whole portfolio now. Also, variables of RecalcPersist type are no longer supported in Portfolio Trader.
  • Fixed the issue with applying inputs from the Optimization Report to the strategy.
  • ChangeMarketPosition now closes the specified number of contracts.
  • Fixed the issue when it was not possible to run the optimization if there are inputs not included in the optimization.
  • Handled the situation in which the indicators were not updated on a new tick.


  • Backup Application: Fixed the issue when the backup process stops if it is saving to Google drive.
  • Solved the issue when data on charts stops updating in some cases.
  • Fixed the deadlock that used to appear during switching the time frame on indicators working with drawings.
  • Rectified the exception that appeared on a chart close after calling the quick resolution choice menu.
  • Fixed the situations when BugSlayer Raise Event and BugSlayer Init Failed messages appeared.
  • Fixed the application error on close of MultiCharts .NET.
  • Solved the rare application error that used to appear on start of MultiCharts .NET if the previous session was not completely closed.


  • Drawing Tools: The ellipse borders are plotted better now.
  • Improved the appearance of one of authorization system dialogues.
  • PowerLanguage Editor: Fixed the issue with importing els archives.
  • Fixed the issue with exporting the Strategy Performance Report to Excel.
  • Interactive Brokers: Removed the false message saying the IB application is not installed that appeared when using the TWS clone called Mexem.
  • Sorting of cells in the Scanner is improved.
  • Improved exporting of the Optimization report to Excel for systems with the American data presentation format.
  • The number of rows in the Matrix Optimization Report is now limited to 2147483647.
  • Removed phantom drawings that used to appear after scrolling.
  • Fixed the issue with entering values in the Set Population Size, Crossover Probability, Mutation Probability fields in the Optimization settings.
  • Improved the operation of WPF windows on Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • QuoteManager: Fixed the issue with displaying prices in the Edit Data dialog for symbols with the As Is scale.
  • It is now possible to add symbols with lowercase names through the Command Line.
  • Improved handling of multiple Study Templates.