Download MultiCharts .NET 8.8 Beta 2

MultiCharts .NET 8.8 Beta 2 is mainly a bug fixing version with one new feature – ability to fill in data gaps automatically (without a manual reload) after a disconnect. Also, Playback behavior was slightly corrected. Read below for more!

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Autofill of data gaps after a disconnect

Gaps in data are now autofilled without a reload after a disconnect (except for OpenECry). More info here – To autofill gaps with OpenECry a special registry key needs to be added manually.
Other Features

  • It’s now impossible to play back tick-based resolutions on a time basis (i.e. now impossible to play back a 300 tick chart on a second-by-second basis). This is the correct behavior, and previous incorrect playback options were corrected.
  • Added support for continuous futures that are supplied directly by OpenECry.
  • Added the HTS root for CQG Symbol Dictionary.
  • Slightly changed the “Format Instrument” dialog window.
  • Added TOCOM exchange to MultiCharts.


Charting/Data Handling


  • Unable to close a position from chart or DOM that was opened through several orders.
  • Error was generated for Trading Technologies “Didn’t receive final status for order” when statuses were actually received.
  • MaxProfilt that was entered in the AssignInitialMarketposition  window was ignored for trailing orders.


  • Expert Commentary would work only after forcing the study to recalculate while Expert Commentary was turned on.
  • Bar Magnifier in Backtesting didn’t work when “Build from Minutes” option was turned on.


  • Asserts and hiding of the chart under certain conditions.
  • Exception when using “Clear Content” for strings with symbols and groups.
  • Exception if “not(c crosses above o)” was used as an input.


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