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About MultiCharts Beta 1

MultiCharts 7 Beta 2 fixes several issues found in Beta 1, and introduces a few new features, including an improved interface with Zen-Fire and Rithmic. To see what was introduced in Beta 1, please scroll below.


These features were requested by some users, and we listen to our users.

Some people were unhappy with the system font we chose for the DOM, and wanted to alter it. Menu “Text Size” in the DOM window was changed to “Select Font”, so you can customize all aspects of font display.

There was an extensive discussion about Open PnL from Interactive Brokers being slow to update. The reason was that we calculated Open PnL based on the distance from your current position to the best ask, or the best bid, depending on the position. Asks and bids in IB update less than trade values, which is why the PnL was slow to update, even though we consider it to be more realistic. There is now a new radio button in the Interactive Brokers settings, which lets you choose how to calculate Open PnL – based on the distance to trades, or to bestask/bestbids (latter option is the default).

Many customers had issues with filling out proper symbol settings for Zen-Fire and Rithmic symbols, because the current API did not provide a symbol lookup window. We heard the users, and made our own Symbol Lookup for Zen-Fire and Rithmic data providers. This feature smartly shows you the relevant contracts, and lets you add them with all proper settings in just a click.

In the DOM window, a Stop order would be placed if were in a long position and you clicked on best ask, or if you were in the short position and you clicked on best bid. Some traders wanted to place a limit order at that price level, to make sure they get that price. You can now click on best ask or best bid, and place a limit order instead of a stop.


  • Indicators would turn off during calculation with various errors, like “Unknown error”, “The parameter is incorrect”, “Invalid position”.
  • Optimization in Portfolio Backtester would not use all available CPU power on multi-core computers. More info here –
  • Drawings placed to the right of the current bar would disappear once a new bar was created in real-time. More info here –
  • When modifying one of the bracket orders, both orders would modified at the same time when there was no need to modify both.
  • For Zen-Fire broker the Order and Position Tracker Window > Accounts tab would show nothing while there was available information.
  • DOM update speed would be somewhat slower than competing products.
  • Real-time data would be late, or absent altogether, on Custom Futures symbols. More info here –
  • When option “Calculate on last bars of series (realtime-history matching” was turned off, certain strategies and indicators would not calculate the same in MultiCharts as they would in TradeStation. More info here –
  • Indicators with ZigZag% drawings would not calculate the same in MC6 and MC7.
  • Interactive Brokers data feed would randomly disconnect when over 900 symbols were added to the Market Scanner window.
  • “No Data” message would appear if individual ASCII files were mapped one-by-one.
  • Custom Futures charts would sometimes miss certain bars, or draw extra bars.
  • Drawings would sometimes get moved to new coordinates after switching the resolution on the chart.
  • Saving or recovering data would result in an Assert message.
  • MinMove was ignored when exit orders were placed through the DOM.
  • Adding a second symbol to the Market Scanner would result in stopped real-time for the first symbol.
  • Tick charts from DDE data feed source would not reconnect automatically after DDE server was restarted. More info here –
  • In the View menu for the Scanner, some items would remain selected under particular themes in Windows 7 and Vista, even after they were unselected. More info here –
  • Custom Futures data series would not display correctly if rollover condition is met before expiry date of the second-to-last contract. More info here –
  • MultiCharts would not close on the first try after choosing File > Exit.
  • In Windows 7 with the Aero theme, in the View menu for the Market Scanner, “Update Indication” and “One Click Instrument Linking” items were not shown as checked, when they actually were enabled.
  • Indicators and strategies would calculate differently on historical data and in real-time.
  • Hotkeys conflict where Ctrl+Alt+S were used for “Collect RT Data without plotting” and for adding symbols from a data feed at the same time.
  • In PowerLanguageEditor, the coloring would not work properly when fancy brackets { and } were used.


  1. Quentin Craven

    If the platform cannot write instructions to trade to a file from an EA or automated trading system written in EL, then this is a serious limitation. I will not be using MC until this feature has been enabled, as I need to bridge to MT4., and I have no wish to change brokers.

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  4. Jamison Phillips

    MultiCharts does support writing to files. It also supports using custom DLLs which allows for any sort of extension whatsoever, including interprocess communication, which I myself have used to communicate from it to other programs. I am sure if you search around, you can find a DLL that allows you to read and write to files in the manner you want. If not, I’d be happy to write one.

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