Dear Users,

We have launched MultiCharts Wiki, which is now the central place for accumulated knowledge about the MultiCharts platform, contributed to by both our users and us.

All current Help files have been loaded there, and all future information about features will be loaded only there (no more CHM Help file in the installer). Help for PowerLanguage keywords will be maintained in sync in the installer and on the Wiki. … /Main_Page

Just like regular Wikipedia, MCWiki articles will have fact-based content, and users can edit pages. Our staff will look over recent changes, and maintain integrity of the content.

Community editors are welcome to help. If you want to be a contributor, register on the Wiki and send us an email to with a request (including your UserID) to make you an editor. This process was created to combat spam posts.

This tool is for our users, and it’s only as good as the content you help us create. We welcome contributions on existing entries, but also creation of more general articles, such as “FAQ”, or “Beginner’s Guide”, or “Tips and Tricks to PL programming”. The forum remain a place to ask specific questions, but it’s difficult to locate all accumulated information on a topic – that’s where the Wiki steps in and becomes the go-to place.

New articles describing Manual Trading features, Broker Profiles, Custom Futures and Backup Instructions have been added to the Content Section on the Wiki. More articles will be added soon.


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