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MultiCharts 7 Beta 5 is nearing on the Release Candidate and the final release of MultiCharts 7 (scheduled for July 13th, 2011). We are no longer developing new features, but polishing off everything that we created so far, and improving usability, as well as creating a learning environment that should help users. We fixed some critical issues, and upgraded symbol mapping.


Symbol Mapping – You can trade any symbol from any chart, receive information from the broker regarding your orders, and see it displayed on the chart. You can chart IQFeed and trade on IB, you can chart IB and trade MB Trading, and you can even watch June futures and trade December futures if you wish. You can also specify different exchanges for sending orders and receiving callbacks, such as sending orders to SMART exchange for IB, but getting responses from NASDAQ or ARCA.

You can now export Order and Position Tracker values into Excel. This is a feature that was requested a lot by traders who wished to analyze trades that were completed during the trading session. Simply highlight your OPT window and go to File > Export to Excel. Remember to do this before closing MultiCharts, because the OPT data will be cleared out when you restart.

Interactive Brokers connection got a few improvements – detailed sub-account information is now shown for Financial Advisor accounts for Interactive Brokers ( We also added the HSI symbol root for Interactive Brokers.

OpenPL Calculations

  • OpenPL from MBTrading broker can now be calculated based Trade PL, in addition to the current calculation based on Bid/Ask prices.
  • PnL from IB is now calculated properly when there is no valid Bid and Ask values coming in from IB.


  • Signals and indicators now don’t go to OFF mode when there is not enough data on the chart to calculate the strategy. Once more data is added, the strategy will calculate automatically. More info here –
  • Added a keyword ‘const’ to PowerLanguage, which allows you to define the size of an array.


  • DOM auto-centering is now NOT cancelled when price leaves visible area and then returns to the visible area because of price movement (not because of manual dragging). This avoids the price jumping around the edge endlessly.
  • Template functionality for ASCII Mapping (remembering last settings for similar files) was added. More info here –
  • It is now possible to search for eSignal symbols using the Description field.
  • In the PL Editor window “Export Studies” the mouse now scrolls the view up and down without having to click on one of the listed items first.
  • It’s now possible to search the list of studies while Importing/Exporting by pressing the first character of the file name to jump down the list of files.
  • Status Line performance with Tracking Mode was optimized to reduce display lag.
  • Automatic re-focusing of PowerLanguageEditor has been improved, now cursor is automatically located in the last place where it was left.
  • Error messages from brokers “No security definition has been found for the request” are now treated as REJECT statuses for orders.
  • Now you don’t need to restart QuoteManager in order for the ClearCache command to take effect on the chart.
  • It is now possible to trade XAUUSD and XAGUSD commodities symbols from Interactive Brokers.


Charting/Data Handling



  • Saving workspaces with scanner windows that have Custom Futures stopped working in Beta 4 (caused exception).
  • Infinite loop would sometimes occur when sending orders to Interactive Brokers.
  • Tick charts would get an infinite “Establishing Connection” message if ticks stopped arriving before the end of the session.
  • Exception when requesting Symbol List from Patsystems.
  • Exception when closing a workspace and moving mouse over indicators.
  • Exception after working with IQFeed data provider for an extended period of time. More info here –
  • Exception when opening a workspace with many studies.


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