MultiCharts 10.0 Release 3

MultiCharts 10.0 Release 3 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 10.0 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts 10.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 10.0 Release here:

 New features:

  • One can now select a different source of Currency Converter data in MultiCharts->File->Preferences->Currency Conversion.
  • Added command for partial exit from Portfolio Money Management Signal:
  • Auto Trading now has a new Recalculate event: “Order Rejected”. One can now determine if script was recalculated due to a rejected order (aiCalcReason = 6 (CalcReason_OrderRejected)). Check the new commands here:
  • CQG: Account Balance and Account Realized PnL values are now available in the Order and Position Tracker window – Accounts tab.
  • It is now possible to filter your Open Positions by account in the Order and Position Tracker window.
  • DOM window: added “Symbol Lookup” context menu item which makes it now possible to switch instruments even in Compact Mode.
  • Alerts can now be generated by the Portfolio Money Management Signal.
  • Added “Use as default” option to “New Function” window.


Charting/Data Handling

  • Rectified issue with the erroneous “Today is the rollover day” message. Learn more:
  • Fixed bug with timestamps being incorrect to the right of the current bar.
  • Corrected situation when status line values were updating, but chart didn’t.
  • ASCIIMapping: fixed issue with incorrect Volume values in realtime.
  • eSignal: status line “Last” and “Close” values are now matching with the “Close” value of a daily bar on a chart when account with delayed data is used.
  • CQG: Volume value was not reset for daily bars on market open/in scanner window.
  • CQG: corrected zero Open, High, Low values for daily bars on market open/in scanner window.
  • CQG: rectified situation when volume direction was incorrectly determined for VolumeDelta chart.
  • CQG: corrected issue with zero volume and missing price levels in DOM window.
  • CQG: extended the list of supported Indexes.
  • IB: 6254.T can now be used in the DOM window.
  • IB: Volume values for CPH exchange are no longer multiplied.
  • IB: TWS for Tiger Brokers did not automatically accept the incoming connection.
  • Metastock: fixed error which appeared upon removing an entry from the data folders list.
  • OANDA: Added “Calculate status line values locally” option to the data feed settings. Keep it disabled to maintain stable connection.
  • OANDA: rectified situation when daily bars were incomplete in some time zones.
  • Rithmic: Best Ask and Best Bid values for TAS symbols are now matching the Rithmic trader.
  • Rithmic: sometimes DOM stopped updating after disconnects.
  • Rithmic: improved TAS symbols data processing in DOM window.


  • Rectified situation with incorrect Strategy OpenPL value upon partial position close.
  • Broker Position was sporadically disappearing from the Order and Position Tracker – Strategy Positions.
  • Symbol mapping: rectified issue with import/export not working for Patsystems.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect excessive line appearing by itself in the Symbol Mapping.
  • Rectified situation when “Stop auto-trading after X rejected orders” option did not work as expected.
  • CQG: corrected situation when erroneous Flat positions appeared in Position History tab of Order and Position Tracker.
  • CQG: rectified situation when orders were sent with incorrect prices.
  • FXCM: rectified issue when zero broker position had OpenPL value.
  • IB: Perpetual index options trading now works as expected.
  • OANDA: fixed situation when autotrading position got out of sync.


  • Restored compatibility of SEF files between versions 9.1 Release and 10.0 Release.
  • “LogXY” and “HMA” functions are now prebuilt.
  • Fixed bug in which conversion of price orders into market orders did not work on 1 tick chart.
  • PowerLanguage Editor: function properties are now correctly assigned when one does “Save as” for a function.
  • Rectified situation when “Round” command did not work as expected.
  • Portfolio: fixed issue when “Max Close to Close Drawdown” in Report Export wasn’t matching with the value in the Report window.
  • TPO indicator now uses Date and Time of the main data series for aligning plots.
  • “Random” command now generates even more random values.
  • Some Portfolio commands (Portfolio_TotalTrades, Portfolio_NumWinTrades, Portfolio_NumLossTrades, Portfolio_NetProfit) were not updated frequently enough in Forward Testing mode.


  • Improved overall performance when VolumeProfile is used.
  • Rectified situation with instrument disappearing from DOM window upon opening multiple workspaces.
  • Fixed Deadlock in TradingServer process.
  • Rectified situation with PowerLanguage Editor window not responding upon doing “Replace All” in specific studies.
  • Fixed errors that appeared during optimization in Portfolio Trader when one of the informational instruments did not have enough data.
  • Fixed Exception that appeared in certain cases when using DOM window.
  • Fixed Exception that appeared upon opening the PaperTrader broker profile settings.
  • Rectified situation when processes were not finishing automatically upon application exit if multiple WeBank instruments were used.
  • Fixed Exception that appeared when using the mouse wheel in the Portfolio Trader’s Order and Position Tracker window filters. Learn more:
  • Rectified situation when the Feedback tool was unable to upload files >2gb.
  • Fixed Exception that appeared when order status was received during order modification.
  • Fixed Exception that sometimes appeared after pressing F7 on keyboard.
  • Fixed Exception in RTServerProxy.exe.


  • FeedBack feature now also collects MCD files.
  • Rectified issue when last “Save Image as File” location was not remembered for BMP files.
  • OANDA: added informational message “Access Token has expired. Please re-authorize your OANDA connection to obtain a new token (valid for 8 days).”
  • Rectified situation when Optimization Results Window sometimes appeared outside of the screen.
  • Rectified situation when Optimization Results Window was not displayed after changing the delimiter in the system regional settings.
  • Now “Download missing historical data” option is automatically enabled when one switches the DataServer mode from Offline to Online.
  • Adjusted the default column width in Format Objects – Signals.