MultiCharts 11.0 Beta 1

New features:

Custom Resolutions

MultiCharts now offers professional tools for developing your own resolutions using object-oriented programming. This new functionality gives you access to the bar formation algorithms and allows you to define your own set of rules using C# or any other programming language that supports COM objects. The source code of the prebuilt chart types and an app for testing your plugin are available out of the box. This new functionality can be accessed via the Custom Resolutions Manager in the QuoteManager window.

Imbalance Delta

This new chart style displays order imbalances between the bid and ask prices as they are filled, highlighting which side has control. This is done by comparing bid-offer diagonally and stacked by the periodicity to determine buying-selling pressure. This info gives you an idea whether you should remain in an open position or not, as well as whether it is sufficient to open a new position or not, if you are flat.

New Walk Forward Optimization Report

We have completely reworked the WFO report to make it more informative and customizable. You can now configure how In and Out of Sample Data is displayed, change how study inputs are represented and view the Summary (Min, Max, Avg) per column right in the report window!

User Data Backup/Restore

One can now easily do a backup of all platform data in just a few clicks! Whether you need to move to a new PC, want to import your data into a different MultiCharts product or simply want to avoid data loss, these two new built-in applications will help you with this goal.

New study licensing management system

Selected add-on providers can now register as developers with us to manage licensing of the studies they sell to the users.

Read below for more and stay tuned for more cool stuff in the upcoming Beta 2!


Charting/Data Handling

  • Rithmic: our RAPI+ connection implementation now supports Trade Tick bars which allows for the receiving of more historical ticks.
  • Rithmic: fixed issue when there was no realtime data and open position shown.
  • Rithmic: Best Ask and Best Bid values for TAS symbols are now matching the Rithmic Trader.
  • LMAX: corrected situation when not all daily bars were loaded on chart for Indexes.
  • Interactive Brokers: one can now receive data for Spread contracts.
  • Interactive Brokers: realtime MidPoint update is now split into multiple ticks. A tick is generated by MultiCharts on each change of O-H-L-C price of a received bar.
  • ASCII Export: added optional parameters for including the Symbol name and Description into the target file. Learn more:
  • ASCII Export: some export settings are now saved.
  • Rectified issue with optimization results not saving correctly into a text file.
  • Fixed bug in which the End Date value in the WFO Report was 01.01.1900.
  • Corrected situation with false “Today is rollover day” Custom Futures alert.
  • Custom Futures: fixed bug with incorrect rollover when Open Interest Rollover condition is used.
  • Rectified situation when an extra day was plotted on a Custom Futures chart.
  • Rectified issue with duplicated daily bars on a Custom Futures chart with “Show data on holidays” disabled.


  • OANDA: V20 REST API support added. The v20 trading engine is the new evolution of OANDA’s trading engine and has been designed to provide superior order execution and improved connection algorithms. The Trading Interface is selected in OANDA data feed settings in QuoteManager. It is global and affects the data feed and all existing OANDA broker profiles. Changes will be applied only after all platform processes are restarted.
  • Interactive Brokers: Rectified situation with order Reject event being skipped if no statuses were received for the order since its initial placement.
  • Interactive Brokers: improved behavior upon receiving status for an order that is no longer being monitored.
  • Rithmic: fixed bug in which spread contracts had zero execution price.
  • Rithmic: open positions for symbols with hyphen in the name (spreads) are now filtered out.
  • Rectified situation when Exit-strategies modified the partially filled orders.



  • Fixed bug in which GDI objects were not freed up upon closing the report window. Learn more here:
  • Rectified issue with increased CPU usage when an indicator does not utilize all created plots on a lengthy price series.
  • WeBank: improved connection to avoid the error “Exception occurred: The given key was not present in the dictionary”.
  • CQG: fixed slowdowns caused by open positions on Option symbols.


  • Interactive Brokers broker profile now has optional ability to Launch Trader Workstation at start.
  • Status Line elements will no longer be resized when the number of symbols in the value changes.
  • Volume Profile is no longer misplaced when there are two data series on the chart. Learn more:
  • Chart Trading controls for historical orders in “Format Chart Trading” window were reversed. More info:
  • Column width was not preserved upon closing the Optimization Results Window.
  • Portfolio Trader: Individual symbol’s Strategy Performance Report now has improved signal inputs display.
  • Portfolio Trader: hint window with signal names and inputs now appears when you hover over the strategy name in the Instrument List.
  • Rectified situation with ASCII Mapping checkboxes becoming deselected for already mapped files.
  • WeBank: Order and Position Tracker – Logs tab now shows the complete error message together with the error code.