MultiCharts 12.0 Beta 2

MultiCharts 12.0 Beta 2 has multiple updates and fixes for the features that were introduced in Beta 1. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and the bugs fixed in MultiCharts 12.0 Beta 1 here:


Charting/Data Handling

  • TPO: added 1 Week Resolution.
  • TPO: added the option “Show blocks with zero trades” under the Style tab.
  • Data Playback: one can now configure the Playback Speed from the context menu. We’ve also added more Playback Speeds.
  • Interactive Brokers: added the option “Use MarkPrice for Trades” to the datafeed settings. The option affects the realtime data for Stocks and CFDs and helps to get the price values matching with the TWS.
  • Interactive Brokers: improved handling of the COMBO symbols.
  • IQFeed: the option “Filter Extended and Other trades supplied by the Exchange” in the data feed settings was extended with the “Only within symbol’s sessions” suboption.



  • Rectified the GDI objects leak when using the drawing tools with some of the fonts (that have no ANSI Character Set).
  • Fixed the bug in which the platform crashed upon closing the window.
  • Rectified the exception that appeared in TsServer.exe when using the specific setup with LMAX data feed in 32 bit MultiCharts with the file cache disabled.
  • Rectified the Custom Resolutions Manager crash issue related to unsupported characters in the Windows User Name.
  • Improved handling of a specific situation that was leading to a crash.
  • Rectified the exception that appeared in a specific situation when exporting data from QuoteManager.


  • Added an option “Convert stop limit orders into limit orders if stop price is hit upon order placement” to CQG, OEC, GAIN broker profiles.
  • Fixed the bug in which an order was not replaced with a market order using the option “Unfilled Strategy Order Replacement” if the order was modified after the timer was launched.
  • Rithmic: symbol currency code in mixed case is now handled correctly.


  • Added the “Show non-flat strategies” button to Order and Position Tracker – Strategy Positions.
  • Added the “Annualized P/L” and “PostOptimization Risk” values to the WFO report.
  • Bar Spacing value is not applied on the fly now if a zero value is set.
  • WFO: the open time value of the time-based bars in the report window is more precise now.
  • Rectified the issue with the Ctrl+S and Ctrl+P hotkeys not working in the Performance Report window:
  • Rectified the issue with the Portfolio Trader main window sometimes appearing outside of the visible display area.