MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 1

Seeing what is behind the scenes

We have been constantly improving the stability of our products and today we have reached the point in which the application can control its own integrity. The platform can now generate an alert when you have reached the limits of your OS, hardware, bandwidth, software and/or broker processing speed.

On top of that one can now check the complete order’s life cycle in a graphical form to understand how the system and the broker have processed the specific order.

If you are in a constant search for the best settings combination, or if you just need to recall how your strategy was configured when it placed an order in the past, now it is super easy to see a snapshot of all system settings at any point in time.

Faster Volume Profile + the drawing!

We have had a large demand for being able to add the Volume Profile to a chart on the fly and receiving the plot super-fast. It is now possible with our Volume Profile Drawing tool! Both the drawing and the “classic” Volume Profile can be built out of minute and daily data now (which is faster than using ticks), without losing the ability of the in-depth volume analysis using the tick data. We have also added the new alignment options that you may have missed, but they are really awesome, so go check it!

Historical Data Downloader

QuoteManager now offers the ability to download the historical data for the specified list of symbols/settings with just a few clicks. You can also schedule the download to be run automatically on a repetitive basis. Maintaining your historical data has never been easier!

Improving the usability

Everyone knows that Instrument Linking was global across all platform instances and we have received a number of requests to add a local linking option, within a single instance of MultiCharts. This option is now available AND it doubles the color options!

Additionally, we have completely reworked our most “option rich” windows, which allows for them to fit any screen, being it a laptop or your 4K screen at home. In order to make it easier to find and understand the options themselves, we have regrouped and renamed them.

We have also added a bunch of “to the point” improvements in various aspects of the software that we feel everyone was missing in MultiCharts. Check the full list below for more!

Charting/Data Handling

  • It is now possible to reload the data across all charts in a specific workspace via the menu, command line command or a keyboard shortcut.
  • Data Server Mode now features the ability to save real-time minute bars to the database.
  • ASCII Mapping now supports millisecond timestamps.
  • The Line Break chart now features Candlestick style. Learn more:
  • Point Original resolution is now available as a chart type directly from the Instrument Settings window.
  • Dukascopy: added option parameter “Build Trade Ticks from”: Ask, Bid, (Ask + Bid) / 2.
  • Added the ability to choose multiple Quote Field/Resolution combinations in the Delete Data window in QuoteManager.


  • Added the “Require order confirmation” option for the “Reverse position” and “Close position” commands. Learn more:
  • The “Close Position” button in Portfolio Trader is now executed instantly, without waiting for the next bar open.
  • Added “Change price” menu item for a pending order.
  • Added 500 ms delay to avoid double clicking any of the manual trading buttons.
  • Manually placed orders now appear faster in the Order and Position Tracker Orders tab.
  • Added new hotkey for “Flatten Everything” command.


  • Added a new command SetCustomFitnessNamedValue which allows for creating multiple custom fitness values for the optimization.
  • Extended GetAppInfo command with a new attribute value “CalcReason_UserClosePosition”.


  • The ability to enable/disable the auto trading on all charts (or workspaces) at the same time.
  • Last price marker now has the line extension across the entire chart.
  • Crosshair can now move in tick increments (the option is under View menu).
  • Ask and Bid price and volume values are now displayed on TradeBar.
  • Chart Trading panel now shows the source of the Ask and Bid price values.
  • Performance Report now features Hourly and Weekly Periodical Analysis.
  • Added “Lock” button to the scanner window to prevent accidental instrument changes/ removal.
  • Added the ability to automatically set the width to fit the text for all columns in the scanner and OPT window by double clicking on the header with the Shift key pressed.
  • Improved the operation of the filters in the Order and Position Tracker window.
  • The failed Robustness Criteria are highlighted in red now.
  • Symbol Mapping window can be opened from the Broker Profiles window now.
  • Volume Delta styles were extended with the “Show Prices as Open to Close Boxes” option.
  • Added an optional parameter that allows for reversing the bar spacing direction when using mouse.
  • Long and Short open position markers (background & text) can be configured individually now.
  • One can now open one of the recent workspaces using Ctrl+1, …, Ctrl+0 hotkeys (currently in Portfolio Trader only, coming to MultiCharts in the next update).
  • Performance Reports: the report window is no longer scrolled to the top when a new order appears with “Recalculate the Report on each new order” enabled.
  • Performance Reports: extended the report settings with the ability to configure the instrument name format.
  • Performance Reports are now able to retain previous size and position on the screen.
  • Minor redesign of Matrix Optimization Report.
  • One can now specify the metrics to be included in the Walk-Forward report.
  • Volume Delta and Cumulative Delta can now be built out of minute data.
  • Auto trading now starts even if the strategy is still in the “Calculating state” due to waiting for more bars when one opens the workspace with the auto trading saved as enabled. Learn more: