MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 3

MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 3 has multiple updates and fixes for the features that were introduced in Beta 1. You can learn more about the new features that were added and the bug fixes in MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 1 here:


Dynamic Trading

A great enhancement for the automated trading, in which recurring re-optimization of the strategy can be done on newly received data. This feature offers the ability to apply the new optimized input values without turning off the running auto trading. There is also an option to measure the received values and apply them only if they are better by the specified percentage. During the optimization, the strategy continues to trade with the current parameters, regardless of how long the optimization process takes. It is possible to schedule a recurring dynamic optimization, or to perform it manually. Please note that this functionality is available in MultiCharts64 only.

Strategy Orders Monitor

This new feature allows for the monitoring of all strategies that are currently being calculated on real-time data and during data playback. The new window displays the orders generated by the strategy before their execution on the chart in the Forward Testing mode, or before they are sent to the broker in the auto trading mode.

In the past, “raw” orders collection was never shown to the user in a graphical form. It was required to program the output logic using Print or FileAppend commands in order to analyze the “inner” operation of the strategy before starting the auto trading. MultiCharts now offers this unique tool that displays all generated, sent and finalized orders. Please note that this functionality is available in MultiCharts64 only.



  • Fixed the bug leading to “Runtime Error R6025 – pure virtual function call”.


  • Rithmic: rectified the issue with the exit strategy not protecting the open position in a certain scenario.


  • Added icons to the Format Objects window.
  • Added tooltips to some of the Matrix Optimization report items.
  • Portfolio Trader: the auto trading liability waiver window now shows the broker profile name (similar to a chart).
  • Volume Profile: added another Outline option.
  • Optimization Results 3D chart was extended with the new multi-surface display mode.
  • Removed the “Repeat” option for the audio alerts.