MultiCharts 14.0 Release 10


Data and Brokerage

  • Binance: Fixed disconnections by adjusting the “Send a ping frame” option
  • Binance: Fixed the exception when loading historical tick data
  • Binance Spot: Fixed incorrect position changes caused by order status processing
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issue with the main MultiCharts window getting locked after the broker profile connection
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the TradingServer exception
  • OANDA: Fixed real-time data reception for certain symbols
  • Rithmic 01: Updated the list of available Systems
  • Rithmic 01: Improved data processing
  • Rithmic 01: It is now possible to enter more than 13 characters into the Account field
  • Saxo: Fixed the issue with adding symbols from data source caused by Saxo API’s AssetType value expanding

Charting/Data Handling

  • Fixed exception when changing chart scaling


  • Fixed order confirmation for the Risk Management mode

General Improvements

  • Updated the 2024 holiday list