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MultiCharts 8.0 Beta 1 is big step forward for our traders. It’s the first time that EasyLanguage scripts can be used on 64-bit software, which means only your physical memory is the limit for backtesting, charting, optimization or trading. Several smaller features were added, and bugs affecting stability and data handling were addressed.

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64-bit version

64-bit means that all modules in MultiCharts were rewritten to be 64-bit, so they can use all available RAM on a computer. Performance of the application is now limited only by the amount of physical memory in your computer. Limitation on number of bars on charts, mapping and importing ASCII files more than 4GB, number of symbols and plots in Scanner, and displaying strategy performance report with large number of trades were all lifted in the 64-bit version. More information here –, and here, and here –

Getting Started Wizard

Now the first time you launch MultiCharts you will see a wizard that helps you configure your data feed and create chart.

IWBank data feed and broker added

IWBank is one of the top Italian brokers that offers attractive rates and a premier connectivity to Italian and world markets.

Gather information from a bar through mouse-click

Information gathered about a bar through a mouse click. More info here – There are new keywords that allow processing of captured information in scripts; check our Wiki in the near future for complete details.


aiCalcReason – specifies return of the calculation reason. GetAppInfo will return the value, indicating the reason of calculation initialization.


calcreason_default – calculation is to be initialized when the new bar/tick appeared.

calcreason_mouseLClick – calculation is to be initialized after left-click on the chart.

calcreason_mouseRClick – calculation is to be initialized after right-click on the chart.

calcreason_timer – the calculation is to be initialized after expiration of RecalcLastBarAfter timeout.


Declares that the study processes mouse events.


[ProcessMouseEvents = LogicalValue]

Where: LogicalValue – a true/false value; True = Enable; False = Disable


  • If this attribute is not present in the study’s code, the indicator based in the mouse events will not be calculated.
  • Can be used only in signals and indicators


[ProcessMouseEvents = True];


After a mouse click on the bar, returns the numerical value indicating the bar number from the beginning of the data series




MouseClickBarNumber will return 250 after a mouse click on the 250th bar on the chart from the beginning of the data series.


Returns True if the Ctrl button is pressed on the keyboard simultaneously with a mouse click.




Returns True if the Shift button is pressed on the keyboard simultaneously with a mouse click Usage:



Returns the numerical value indicating the data series number after a mouse click on the data series




MouseClickDataNumber will return 1 after left-click on the main chart with the main data series.

MouseClickDataNumber  will return 2 after left-click on the sub-chart with the second data series.


Returns a double-precision decimal value in Julian (OLE) date-time format indicating the closing date of the bar after a click on the bar.




MouseClickDateTime will return a value of 39449.65625000 for 3:45 PM


Returns a numerical value indicating price level of the mouse pointer position after a click on the chart.




MouseClickPrice will return 139.60 after a click on the chart on the 139.60 price level.

GetPositionOpenPL keyword updated

Returns Open PL value in:

  • Symbol currency for Dukascopy (calculated on MultiCharts side)
  • Account currency for FXCM (calculated on the broker’s side)
  • Symbol currency for Interactive Brokers (calculated on MultiCharts side)
  • Symbol currency for LMAX (calculated on the broker’s side)
  • Symbol currency for MB Trading (calculated on MultiCharts side)
  • Symbol currency for Open E Cry (calculated on the broker’s side)
  • Symbol currency for Patsystem (calculated on the broker’s side)
  • Account currency for PFGBEST (calculated on the broker’s side)
  • Symbol currency for Trading Technologies (calculated on MultiCharts side)
  • Symbol currency for Zen-Fire (Rithmic) (calculated on the broker’s side)


GetPositionOpenPL(Symbol, Account)

Where: Symbol – the name of the instrument.
Account – account number at broker.


Will return 15 if the current value in “Open PL” column in “Order and Position Tracker” window for the account is 15 dollars.

New keyword “GetUserName”

It returns info from ‘registration name’ field, i.e. the MultiCharts license. This allows third-party developers to authorize studies to particular MC licenses and not only to UserIDs (which may change as hardware changes). More info here – Check our Wiki for complete details –

RecalсPersist keyword added

Used in variable declaration statements, before a variable name, to specify that the value of the variable is to be updated on every tick and the latest value of this variable is to be saved after the study recalculation.




  • This keyword can be used only with variables.
  • The variable with such an attribute cannot be serial type.


Declare Max as a numerical value, updated on every tick, with initial value of 100. After study recalculation, the latest value of Max will be saved:

Variable:[RecalcPersist] Max(100);


Returns the control from the study script by analogy with the corresponding C++ statement. Does not return any value.




Can be used in all types of studies.

Adding/Removing columns in Optimization Report

You can now add/remove columns in the Optimization Report. More info here –

Access to any bar from a script – new keywords

Now you can access any bar of a price series from a PowerLanguage script with new keywords that are listed below.


These words return the same thing as corresponsind words without the “symbol_” prefix, but

1)    Bars back are not limited by MaxBarsBack, and are limited only by the beginning of the data series

2)    Bars forward are not limited by zero, and are only limited by the end of the data series

So, you can address any bar irrelevant of which bar you are currently calculating on. Complete information will be posted in our Wiki soon.

Other features

  • Connection status messages added to Logs tab in Order and Position Tracker for PFG broker.
  • Multiple exchange gateways support was added for Trading Technologies profile to accommodate implementation of Advantage Futures.
  • Clients can now connect to Demo and Live accounts from PFG at the same time, even if both use same ports.
  • Logging for order modifications is now enabled in Logs tab in Order and Position Tracker, since TT broker converts every market order to limit, and every stop order to stop-limit.
  • Open P/L and AvgEntryPrice are now calculated based on prices known to broker profile, and AvgSellPrice is taken from API.
  • Strategy name is now displayed in status line. More info here –
  • Extended hours are now used for eSignal data feed to get volume outside regular trading hours.
  • Unicode support in Symbol Dictionary. More info here –
  • Symbol Mapping improved; it’s now more intuitive after choosing Broker symbol in the Lookup window.
  • Price scale markers are now always displayed according to user specifications if such exist.
  • Holiday List updated for 2012.


Charting/Data Handling

  • Magnification to one minute in the Bar Magnifier didn’t work on daily charts built out of minute data.
  • Ask/Bid values form a previously connected profile would appear on the Trade Panel for a new broker profile (eg values from ZenFire would appear on a PFG profile).
  • Prices were significantly different for some PFG symbols on historical data and in real-time. More info here –
  • Ask and Bid for EURUSD.FXCM symbol from IQFeed would have volume equal to zero.
  • Problems displaying fractional prices for PFG symbols with fractional price scales.
  • Spikes in data from Interactive Brokers when new high or low values arrive.
  • Interactive Brokers shows incorrect volume in real-time data.
  • Holes in data when requesting minute chart data from TradeStation.


  • Signal without IntrabarOrdergeneration (IOG) would produce more than one order per bar if another signal with IOG was applied to the chart.



  • Exception when trying to add an ASCII Mapping symbol from within MultiCharts.
  • Assert when doing partial exit of a position in Synchronous Autotrading mode, and no dialog window for closing the position.
  • Memory leak when autotrading with ZenFire Local Sim broker.
  • SSL connection for some PFG users gave an error.
  • Stack Overflow exception after opening Master Strategy after opening several other windows.
  • Connection would constantly break with PFG API.
  • Some QMD data archives would not import due to being corrupted.
  • Exception in FIXServer when working with PFG charts and DOM.


  • Problems with display of drawings on charts.
  • Added proper message when user tries to open too many workspaces at once.
  • Visual Order dialog window would not scroll.
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