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MultiCharts 8.7 Release is a major upgrade that has new robust functionality and features: support for microsecond/millisecond data, Time & Sales, Tick-by-Tick Global Playback, and new discretionary and auto-trading options that give you more freedom and flexibility. MultiCharts has the full arsenal to be a successful trader.

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Support for microsecond/millisecond data

Microseconds, which are one millionth (10−6 or 1/1,000,000) of a second, are the new standard for accuracy in backtesting results and data sequencing. It’s imperative that backtesting be as accurate as possible to ensure that systems perform as expected when placed into live trades. While some data feeds are introducing milliseconds in their data (which we also support), we added a scalable solution that covers even the more accurate timestamps of the future. Existing TickID sequencing now combined within microseconds gives you the the most precise data sequencing during backtesting available on the market today – your data will play out the same as it came in during real-time.

Export/Import of data from MultiCharts can now handle milliseconds as well as seconds. We added a new checkbox “Export milliseconds” on the ASCII Export dialog window. If the option is checked then milliseconds will be exported, if this option is unchecked then only seconds will be exported (the way it was implemented before). Files with millisecond data can be imported on ASCII Import using a time template like *h:*m:*s.*f

Time & Sales

Time & Sales information is used by professional traders to monitor current price movements at the most detailed level. Time & Sales is displayed as a scrolling list and shows each individual trade as it occurs (also known as the “ticker tape”, or just “tape”). The exact price where each trade occurred is shown and also whether the trade occurred at bid or ask. This tells you whether there are currently more buyers or sellers and also what prices they are buying and selling at. Time & Sales also shows the amount of volume that each trade includes (the number of contracts that were traded). This tells you whether there are more contracts being bought or sold and at which prices the largest amounts of volume are trading.

Global Tick-by-Tick Playback

Data Playback is a very useful tool for traders to stream data step-by-step backward and forward in time to see how their strategy would behave in real-time. It allows playback of market data with the specified speed and resolution. When the Global mode is selected, all the data series on all opened windows of all the workspaces of one MultiCharts instance will be played. In this case the starting point of the playback will be the same for all charts and scanner windows. Now you can use Global playback in Tick by Tick mode as well as Minute by Minute, Hour by Hour and so on.

Command Line commands available through keywords

Command Line commands are now available through the language in MultiCharts. This means it’s now programmatically possible to insert symbol, change symbol, insert indicator, insert signal, reload data (all data, certain resolution, interval (N days), all charts), change chart symbol name, change symbol resolution, turn off auto trading, show report, change bar spacing. All possible via new reserved word for accessing command line functionality. For PowerLanguage it’s – “CommandLine”. For your convenience we have added description of all the commands for Command Line toolbar in PowerLanguage Help Guide and in MultiCharts Wiki: and

More info here – User request from PM filled –

New Autotrading Option

Added a new option “Remember my decision” for autotrading confirmation dialogs of canceling orders and closing positions when disabling auto trading. This option can be set up in Preferences window – Trading tab – Auto Trading Options.

Under Auto Trading Options you’ll find:

Do not show Cancel Active Orders confirmation when disabling auto trading. Options available:

  • Cancel active orders sent by the strategy;
  • Do not cancel active orders sent by the strategy;

Do not show Open Position Close confirmation when disabling auto trading. Options available:

  • Close the open position opened by the strategy;
  • Do not close the open position opened by the strategy.

New Alert Type

Added a new alert type “Once Per Bar” for studies and drawings. More info here –

Other features


Charting/Data Handling

  • Corrected behavior in the QuoteManager after symbol settings are updated in the Symbol Dictionary.
  • Volume was not visible in the Hint window for minute charts from IWBank. Historical volume is now written in UpVol instead of UnchVol field.
  • Fixed Help entry for GetPositionAveragePrice – the syntax entries were in the wrong order.
  • Daily data between 1950 and 1970 wasn’t displayed after doing ASCII import.
  • Total Volume for profile was displayed as 10x less than actual volume in Volume Profile. More info here –
  • When one level of Dev VA, (High or Low) was changed, the other level was unaffected. This also affected Dev POC.
  • Indicator marker disappeared when resizing the chart. More info here –
  • Wasn’t possible to add instruments from data vendor if the path to SymbolDictionary was changed in the registry.
  • Last historical daily bar was incorrect for IQFeed, wasn’t in the database.
  • LMAX data would sometimes be missing between history and real-time.
  • When multiple symbols were mapped from the same file using ASCII Mapping, symbol charts did not use their respective prices.
  • Issue with a missing last daily bar on a chart.
  • ASCII Mapping checkboxes would get unselected from already mapped files.
  • IWBank data would sometimes not arrive.
  • Message “backfilling” does not disappear from chart even though historical requests are finished for LMAX data feed.
  • WeBank data feed would skip identical ticks.
  • Display problems with Naked VA and Naked POC when price crossed them.
  • Corrected behavior of TSServer when MultiCharts saving Data to Storage and there were 595 hours 27 minutes and 59 seconds remaining.
  • Files with millisecond data could not be imported during ASCII Import.
  • Incorrect prices were displayed in DOM window using WeBank broker profile if Digit Grouping Symbol was set up as dot under Region settings in control Panel.
  • Close of Renko bars did not coincide with the Close of the last tick in a trading session if Break on Session option had been enabled.
  • When using the same sessions and Session Breaks with option Break on Sessions enabled on two Renko charts, Session Breaks did not coincide on a similar 1 Tick chart.
  • In ASCII Mapping settings the field was specified as Undefined but the column was still active.
  • Fixed ASCII Mapping issue when there were no chart plotted displaying only Establishing Connection.
  • There are generated less ticks from OpenECry in MultiCharts 8.5 than in MultiCharts 8.0.
  • The first Tick Trade of the opened session was missing while Collecting Real-Time tick data in QuoteManager.
  • MCFX real time had sudden interruptions.
  • Bid and Ask values were not displayed until the next price update on Zen-Fire Local Sim broker profile after account was changed.
  • Discrepancy between 1 Tick resolution and other resolutions (N Ticks, N Points, N Minutes) was reproduced on Cumulative Delta charts using both BreakDowns and Break on Session enabled and disabled. More info here –
  • Real Open on Renko chart type worked incorrectly with “Phantom” Bars enabled. More information here –
  • Some instruments from IWBank had negative prices.
  • Free Quotes data feed was not working through Proxy Server that was set up in Internet Explorer settings.
  • High CPU usage was growing when pointing a cursor on a chart with drawings.
  • When MCFX data feed restored the connection or after reloading the data on a chart there was no real time data.
  • Incorrect settings for CQG futures root GF – the May month (K) was missing.


  • Order name tags are now correctly replaced in OPT without replacing the order, if the name tag was the only thing that was changed about the order.
  • Time in Force settings would become corrupted for Mb Trading when connecting broker profile. More info here –
  • Account info (Balance, Equity, Open PL) was not being updated if a currency alternate to USD was selected.
  • Logic for possibility of filling limit orders wasn’t working correctly for ZenFire Local Sim.
  • Market position did not arrive for WeBank when using the “MarketPosition_at_Broker” keyword.
  • DOM was not correctly displayed for CQG futures with root JY6.
  • Accounts would be switched on some workspaces when several accounts were available from Mb Trading. More info here –
  • Orders would be IWBank and accepted by the broker, but MultiCharts would consider them as rejected.
  • LMAX US Crude (Spot) was buying 1 contract instead of 0,1 after sending a command Buy 1 contract.
  • Partially filled order on LMAX had the executed price of 0.0000
  • Market orders were replaced on ZenFire Local Sim frequently.
  • TradingTechnologies orders were not able to be sent and displayed in Order and Position Tracker. There were no rejections, order status or any other information received and shown in Order and Position Tracker.
  • TradeBar was not functioning with IWBank broker profile selected.
  • Incorrect display of a market order fill process when a large contract size and LMAX broker profile were selected.


  • Optimization inputs now don’t get reset when scripts are recompiled.
  • RunUp and DrawDown were not calculated correctly during partial exits in the strategy reports.
  • There was a difference between “intrabar array” and “not intrabarpersist”.
  • Out-of-sample intervals would get crossed during Walk-Forward Optimization.
  • Situation when default “Maximum Number Of Generations” for genetic optimization was very large.
  • GetPositionAveragePrice parameter position was changed.
  • MouseClickCtrlPressed and MouseClickShiftPressed keywords did not get reset.
  • Extended backtesting is now automatically turned off when more than one data series is being used. Users are automatically switched to classic backtesting with an appropriate warning message.


  • Deadlock in tsserver process after doing a reload for IWBank.
  • A cache folder for tsServer that was moved from its default location would not be cleared when MultiCharts closed.
  • Exception when opening a workspace and loading inputs.
  • Exception when opening Volume Profile on a chart with resolution of 1 Point(Original). More info here –
  • Memory increased quickly when trading on 150+ charts at the same time.
  • Exception in tsserver process under Windows 8 if a position was open and Preferred Currency set to something other than None.
  • Slowdown when MultiCharts had many symbols in the database (more than 20k).
  • Opening Workspace window was hanging for inappropriately long time on MultiCharts start.
  • Prolonged Backfilling on minute charts and prolonged Establishing Connection on tick charts.
  • When you highlighted a signal within Portfolio Tree in Portfolio Backtester the exception popped up.


  • Fixed issue when some controls were hidden after choosing Compact Mode in DOM and the largest possible font.
  • Deleting data through Edit Symbol menu in QuoteManager would delete data after selection as well.
  • Visual artifacts when displaying indicator values in the Status Line.
  • Impossible to export some symbols from a user’s database.
  • After Copy/Paste of a chart, historical orders would be displayed on different bars.
  • Impossible to use Portfolio when “Download missing historical data” option was turned off and when a chart with active autotrading was present that you didn’t want to close.
  • Problems with optimization inputs on Swedish operating systems.
  • Visual issue when mouse was moved away from broker profile, but highlight was not removed. More info here –
  • When left arrow and right arrow were pressed during Data Playback chart would scroll left and right, while correct behavior is moving cursor in Date/Time window. More info here –
  • Moving cursor with arrow keys didn’t work properly in the Scanner window.
  • Fixed text display issue in Volume Profile properties window.
  • Drawings would not display sometimes as new bars were added. More info here –
  • Lines would appear around Volume Profile during scaling.
  • Incorrect status for “Collect Data” would be displayed in QuoteManager if first a chart was created for non-ticking symbols.
  • Visual artifacts at rendering a drawing during real time. More information is here –
  • The frames of MultiCharts windows were not plotted if there was a chart with Auto-Hide option selected under Appearance tab in Format Window.
  • Fixed text issue in Volume Profile with strange font behavior when price scale is changed.
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  1. shane mcdonald

    Everything looks great, well done !
    I see there is still no strategy performance data being saved.
    This is regretful for developers trying to develop strategies and test them.
    Do you still have to export performance data from each and every chart strategy to an excel file ? Manually ?

  2. Viren Balsara MD

    How about improvement in chart trading? Better chart trading graphics Easy of using etc.

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