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MultiCharts 8.8 is an exciting new release with the major goal of making MultiCharts easier with improved usability. New features include: Advanced Market Scanner for scanning huge markets, Desktops for saving MultiCharts layouts on each monitor, and Dynamic Naming for orders based on script calculations.

Now you can plot daily data with different session templates at the same time because daily bars can be formed out of minute data. “Study on Study” feature lets you plot studies (strategies or indicators) based on values of indicators (not strategies). Limit Order Execution Assumptions were also added to Portfolio Backtester. We’ve improved the optimization process, dialog windows and added new broker connections.

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Advanced Market Scanner

Majority of data providers have a limitation on the number of simultaneous real-time data subscriptions. This made scanning numerous markets almost impossible.The new version of our Scanner has two components: Pre-Scanning and Watchlist windows. You can scan more than 5000 symbols one-by-one with a specified frequency (every minute, 5 minutes, or hour….) or just hit Rescan Now manually. According to your filters in Pre-Scanning, instruments that satisfy conditions will be shown in Watchlist window for updating in real-time.

Learn more on our Wiki here.

Scanner Style Setting

We’ve added a Scanner Style setting for plotting in the Scanner window, making it possible to change the style of the studies applied to Real-Time Market Scanner. Color, alignment, plot format and number of decimals can be changed. Find instructions on our Wiki here.

MultiCharts Desktops

MultiCharts Desktops allows you to save a particular set of workspaces and toolbars on a monitor and restore it after restart. You can now open multiple instances with individual sets of workspaces and toolbars on each of them.

Learn more on our Wiki here.

Build Daily Bars Out Of Minute Data

This feature is one of the most desired and long-awaited features which was requested by our customers in Project Management:

Now it’s possible to plot daily bars created out of minute data on a chart. You can now use different sessions on different charts at the same time, since those daily bars are not stored in our database. You have a tool that allows you to plot your own daily trading session on a chart.

Learn how to do it on our Wiki and it’s also possible to enable it in Command Line, read how here.

Hidden Data Series Do Not Affect Your Charts

The implementation of this feature was technically challenging, but we managed. Now hidden data series do not affect the bar space of visible data series. More in the PM here.

Avanza and CQG Brokers

Avanza is our newly supported broker. Find detailed instruction on our Wiki. We also added new brokers that are working through CQG, please take a look at the instructions on how to establish these connections here.

Study On Study

This is another long-awaited feature. A study based upon another study is now possible. You can use a plot of an indicator (not signals) as a numeric input for other indicators or signals. Instead of using complex scripts that combine several indicators or creating extra functions, you can now simply apply values of other indicators to any study as inputs. In order to learn more please read here.

Export Strategy Performance Report to OpenOffice

The Strategy Performance Report can be now exported into OpenOffice. See the original request here and more details on our Wiki page.

New Keyword For BarNumber

Added a new keyword that allows place all the drawings using the bar number values:














Other Important Features

●     Limit Order Execution and other backtesting assumptions were added to Portfolio Backtester. More info on our PM here and on our Wiki.

●     Extended Backtesting now supports working with two data series and doesn’t turn off.

●     MultiCharts is now certified for TradingTechnologies FIX version 7.8. The results and summary of trading functionality and exchange support are here.

●     Added new attribute for buildFromMinutes parameter in CommandLine. More info here.

●     CFD Stocks from Interactive Brokers are now supported using TWS 939.3, learn more in our PM here.

●     Improved behavior when Symbol Mapping is changed during manual trading.

●     Added CTRL+A (Select All) hotkey functionality in Add Symbols From Data Source dialog in QuoteManager.

●     Display a message that data series with different time zones cannot be mixed in Portfolio Backtester.

●     Now active orders and positions are shown during Backfilling process.

●     Added a new option to Charting section in Preferences window that will turn off/on Enable Indicator Status Switch in the Status Line of the Chart feature.

●     Now Custom Futures that had Session Templates revoked, are omitted during the export process.

●     Now Import opens a file only for reading data from it, not in monopoly mode.

●     Rithmic and Zen-Fire API has been upgraded up to version 6.0.

●     Added an option to count Slippage for Limit and Stop Limit orders. More info here.

●     Optimization: now some verification messages won’t be shown when the Start Value, End Value, and Step are changed. Learn more on our Forum here.

●     Added Day High and Day Low in Depth Of Market window. See this feature request in our PM here.

●     Now you will be informed if any symbols have been omitted during the import.

●     Added new feature Bid/Ask Sum on DOM window. Find more details on our PM requests here and there.

●     Added “Use As Default” option in Strategy Properties dialogue on Auto Trading tab.

●     Now Settlement price on historical daily bars and higher is optional on Futures from eSignal. More details here.

●     Now Manual Trading supports trading on CFD Stocks through Interactive Brokers (TWS 939.3).

●     New feature: it’s possible to clone Symbol Root in Symbol Dictionary dialogue in QuoteManager.

●     Now when you change timezone on one instrument on a chart, the other instruments on a chart will have time zone changed as well. More info on PM here and on our Wiki page.

●     Improved behavior of saving data to the database.

●     New feature to specify dynamic name for the name of a signal. More info on PM here and see instructions on our Wiki page.

●     It’s now impossible to play back tick-based resolutions on a time basis (i.e. now impossible to play back a 300 tick chart on a second-by-second basis). This is the correct behavior, and previous incorrect playback options were corrected.

●     Added support for continuous futures that are supplied directly by OpenECry.

●     Added the HTS root for CQG Symbol Dictionary.

●     Slightly changed the “Format Instrument” dialog window.

●     Added TOCOM exchange to MultiCharts.

●     Order and Position Tracker now shows only one line for positions and average price when trading through LMAX. More info here.

●     Increased number of characters in the field Host in the Proxy dialog window.

●     Now you can use a plot of the indicator as a numeric input of an indicator or a signal.


Charting/Data Handling

●     Playback Resolution was selected incorrectly when Data Playback mode was switched to Global one in MultiCharts 64 bit.

●     tsServer: fixed issue when bars were placed one under another on aliquot resolutions. Learn more on our Forum here.

●     ChartShift value spontaneously increased. More info here.

●     There was no daily bar of $ADV index on a chart from eSignal data feed.

●     When one opened a workspace with a great number of charts from LMAX Waiting For Data and Backfilling statuses were hanging for inappropriately long time.

●     Endless backfilling when requesting tick data from MBTrading using the latest API.

●     tsServer: inadmissible accumulation of memory on minute charts.

●     Incorrect volume of the bar with time-based resolutions used in BarMagnifier mode.

●     A half of the instrument roots was absent if Korean or Chinese Region settings were used.

●     When one was working with Edit Data dialog in QuoteManager and clicking on a cell – the focus was lost.

●     Data for the current session was not displayed on a chart in Online Mode with Download Missing Historical Data disabled.

●     Depth Of Market data from TradingTechnologies was not updating in MultiCharts.

●     Impossible to map some symbols for WeBank broker profile.

●     First tick of a new session would always be equal to the last tick of the previous session for the CQG data feed.

●     Custom Futures symbols would request real-time for unnecessary symbols.


●     Impossible to edit Symbol Mapping when there was incorrect symbol name on a chart.

●     After re-connection to CQG broker and modification of an active order it was sometimes still hanging as PreCanceled.

●     Command Flatten Everything in Order and Position Tracker was not applied on all the symbols that were displayed in that window.

●     Position PnL was calculated incorrectly on Zen-Fire Local Sim.

●     Error was generated for Trading Technologies “Didn’t receive final status for order” when statuses were actually received.

●     MaxProfilt that was entered in the AssignInitialMarketposition  window was ignored for trailing orders.

●     Connection Indicator should be yellow on Trade Bar when LMAX broker was disconnecting/connecting. More information here.

●     Issues displaying some DOM lines when using Interactive Brokers with a live account.

●     Breakeven would sometimes be activated in error on the ZenFire broker profile.


●     Portfolio: Actually applied inputs were different in Format Settings window.

●     i_MarketPosition_at_Broker was not updated during auto trading or was updated with a big delay if Interactive Brokers subscription had no real-time quotes.

●     PowerLanguage: Error in Date Next Bar.

●     StrategyReport displayed Run-Up value less than Profit value. Learn more on Forum here.

●     Incorrect behavior of CurrentSession function on Point and Change resolutions.

●     “Floating point invalid operation” message popped up when the trade size of an exit order was zero.

●     Number of ticks in a bar would sometime be erroneously calculated when using Bar Magnifier with extended backtesting and several data series.

●     Open keyword stopped returning the Open of the main data series when using bar magnifier. More info here.

●     The signs ” { “, ” ; ” could not be typed in PowerLanguage Editor using Hungarian keyboard.


●     Exception and Assert popped up during Walk Forward Days Optimization.

●     DeadLock 1 appeared when turning off auto trading at MultiCharts shut down.

●     Crashed when plotting a chart from GlobalServer or TradeStation if there were only digits in the description of a symbol.

●     Exception “Invalid floating point operation” popped up if you had sent an exit order with zero volume.

●     DeadLock appeared when placing manual orders on FXCM. More info here.

●     Portfolio Backtester was not responding because it was plotting the report graphics for a long time.

●     Unwarranted accumulation of the memory in MultiCharts.exe process.

●     Exception when using “Clear Content” for strings with symbols and groups.

●     Exception when opening several workspaces with ASCII Mapping symbols in several instances.

●     Exception if “not(c crosses above o)” was used as an input.


●     Issue in QuoteManager: there was an incorrect status in Collect RT Data column if it had been enabled and the data feed was disconnected.

●     Use as Default option was not active on some drawings or was not functioning properly even if it was enabled.

●     MB Trading broker profile left artifacts in Daily P/L column of other brokers.

●     Control of appearance of Buy historical orders got mixed up with “Number of contracts” in Format Chart Trading Panel.

●     QuoteManager did not allow delete Session Template which was selected in Custom Futures settings.

●     When clicking an icon on the main toolbar while using a Korean keyboard, existing windows behind MultiCharts main window popped up, but a new window was not created.

●     Impossible to widen the right-most column of Time&Sales window.

●     Linking Symbols did not work if the symbol name was separated by a colon prefix “XX:” Read more on our Forum here.

●     After setting up Chart Shift value it was increased by 1, if it was updating real-time and there were two data series on a chart.

●     When cloning a Trend Line that was built with one of its coordinates in the Chart Shift area, a clone was different from the original one. Learn more on our Forum in this topic.

●     When one clicked on Trade in Performance Report dialogue it should have been shown with a small indentation to the left (20%) on a chart. More info here.

●     Impossible to enter BPV smaller than 1 in the Multiple Symbol Edit dialog window.

●     Window size for ZenFire settings was too small.

●     Buttons Attach/Detach/Stick Window were missing when using Windows Server 2012.

●     Hint in Murrey Math program was not shown when MultiCharts was running and connected to Zen-Fire.