MultiCharts 9.0 Release 2

MultiCharts 9.0 Release 2 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 9.0 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts 9.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 9.0 Release here.


Charting/Data Handling
• “Build From Minutes” option got disabled if an instrument from a different data vendor was selected using the instrument link with a scanner.
• CQG: Realtime data stream for indexes was not working.
• In some situations there were no Ask/Bid prices on chart trading panel with correct Symbol Mapping.
• Interactive Brokers: Balance values were not updating for Financial Advisor accounts.
• Interactive Brokers: It was impossible to connect to a web-based TWS with Java Version 1.7.0 build 67 or higher.
• Interactive Brokers: data was backfilling slow when eDemo login was used and “Launch Trader Workstation” was enabled in the data feed settings.
• In some situations data for the previous contract was not back adjusted when using custom futures. More info:

• Patsystems: fixed order rejects in auto trading.
• Rithmic API updated to version 7.1.1 (fixed order rejects).
• CQG. resolved issues with simultaneous order placement and order modification.

• Added a free “Ematrend” addon.
• Currency values were not properly converted for metrics in “Periodical analysis” in the Report window.
• GetRTCashBalance and GetAccount did not return any values with auto trading disabled.
• PosTradeEntryName generated “Invalid position” error.
• ProfitTarget and StopLoss prices were calculated incorrectly for “Fixed Contracts” trade size with “Allow multiple entry orders in the same direction” enabled.
• Text_GetActive and TL_GetActive returned incorrect values when a corresponding drawing object was removed from a chart. The proper behavior is described in the wiki section:
• Using parentheses with Repeat-Until loop inverted the results of a boolean operation.

• Charts with hidden data series are loaded 2 times faster now.
• Exception appeared due to frequent resolution switching on the Data Playback toolbar.
• Exception appeared upon closing MultiCharts with a scanner with a study recompiled with an error.
• Exception appeared when the strategy was renamed in a specific way in the Portfolio Trader.
• Impossible to open a workspace with a certain combination of VolumeProfile settings.
• MultiCharts became unresponsive when a study that plots drawings was removed.
• MultiCharts crashed in Playback mode when data with impaired chronology was used.
• Interactive Brokers: MultiCharts became unresponsive upon closing if “Market Depth on chart” indicator was used.

• “Use as Default” on Alerts tab for drawings did not work when updating from MultiCharts 8.7 beta.
• Added an option for disabling the “Trading errors” popup alerts (File->Preferences->Trading).
• Command line was not activated when “@” key was pressed with Portuguese keyboard layout.
• Scanner cells background for indicators was always black, disregard the selected color theme.
• Interactive Brokers: “No security definition has been found for the request” error appeared upon connection to Financial Advisor account.
• Interactive Brokers: “Order rejected – reason:No such order” message is now filtered.