This version introduces a number of long-awaited features implemented in response to numerous user feature requests.

Local broker simulation, Forex board, Volume Profile in DOM window, multibroker trading performance summary and the ability to export only selected Trading Performance Report segments are only just a few highlights of the new features and improvements list. Currency conversion algorithm has been improved and Realized PnL is now available for the majority of supported brokers. We also added the possibility to set trailing stop, profit target and other special orders parameters in ticks for auto trading.

Simulated Broker
Test your trading ideas without a brokerage account! It is now possible to do paper trading using data feed connection only with the help of the new prebuilt “Paper Trader” broker profile.

Now there is no need to open a simulated account at broker if you want to see how your strategy behaves in real-time trading. Both algo and discretionary traders will appreciate this valuable addition to MultiCharts trading functionality.

Forex Board
Added new window – Forex Board, where one can see data and trade the selected instruments with classic Forex interface showing Ask and Bid price, size and spread in a fully customizable way.
Now currency traders can actively trade Forex instruments directly from MultiCharts!

DOM Volume Profile

Volume Profile is now available in DOM window allowing discretionary traders to monitor changes in trade volume while making trading decisions live.

Trades Summary

Added new “Trades Summary” tab to Order and Position Tracker window. It allows creating a single custom performance report for multiple brokers, accounts and instruments without using a chart.

Export Segments of Performance Report
Now it is possible to select which values to export from Performance Report saving time and making the exported report easier to analyze.

Realized PnL
Order and Position Tracker – Positions History tab now displays Realized PnL for all supported brokers, except FXCM.

More Important Features
• CQG: Continuum Connect API is now used for connection.
• Added special orders that accept tick offset instead of money value (SetStopLoss_pt, SetProfitTarget_pt, SetBreakEven_pt, SetPercentTrailing_pt, SetTrailingStop_pt).
• It is now possible to allow/disallow and get/set position size for exit orders in MoneyManagement signal.
• “Assign the Initial Market Position at Broker” dialogue window is now available in Portfolio Trader.
• Portfolio Trader now supports Alerts functionality.
• “Build from Minutes” option for daily bars is now available in Portfolio Trader.
• Total Volume is now displayed in Hint and Data Window.
• Universal DDE now supports status line.
• Real-time and historical Renko bars with the resolution more than 1 tick are now built using 4 points(OHLC). Learn more:
• Added keyboard shortcuts for the Arrange Window options. Learn more:
• Added keyboard shortcut to center last price in DOM. Learn more:
• Performance Report now uses your system settings when displaying the money values.
• OEC: added an option “Convert stop orders guaranteed to be executed to market orders” to the broker profile. Learn more:
• Now in AA mode (only when “Don`t show Assign Initial Market Position” and “Same as Chart” are selected) all orders of closed and open trades are available.
• Added new built-in functions for returning Session Open/High/Low/Close prices (openS, highS, lowS, closeS). Learn more:
• One can now import data from ASCII files with Unicode encoding.
• It is now possible to drag-and-drop QMD files onto QuoteManager window to initiate import of the file.
• Import Symbol List now supports files in Unicode format.
• Added new function LastBarOnChart_dt – returns True if datetime = LastCalcDateTime.
• Heikin-Ashi and Line Break bar types added to Portfolio Trader.
• FXCM connection now uses the Forex Connect API. Learn more:
• It is now possible to stop auto trading if final status for order was not received (Didn’t receive final status for order). Go to Format->Strategy Properties -> Auto Trading-> “Stop auto-trading if final status of an order is not received”.
• Custom Futures: 9 digit code symbol roots from OSE.JPN (Interactive Brokers) are now supported.
• Custom Futures – added new option “Analyze N nearest next and previous contracts” for Event Rollover Condition.
• Compiled user-created studies are no longer recompiled upon updating or repairing MultiCharts.
• Added new reserved word LastCalcDateTime – returns a numerical value indicating the closing DateTime of the last completed bar.
• CommandLine: new Subchart parameter for “.iind” command – defines subchart number where the indicator will be plotted. By default, when subchart=-1 is used, a new subchart will be added at the bottom of the chart window. Learn more:
• AskSize, BidSize, q_AskSize, q_BidSize are now supported. Learn more:
• An error message is now shown if MultiCharts platform authorization was not successful.
• Added an option for Drawings tools: “Anchor to bars”. When enabled (by default), the drawings are anchored to bars on chart and will not change they position when new bars are added. When disabled – drawings are anchored to date/time value and can be extended to right as new bars are added until the end date/time appear on chart. Learn more:
• “Include expired contracts” option added to eSignal instrument Lookup for futures.
• Added ability for using logical expressions with “Switch” operator.
• Added an option “Clear Currency Conversion Data” to QuoteManager->Edit tab.
• DOM: added option “Show PnL in Volume Profile panel”.
• DOM: Volume values in Volume Profile now have static position and color.
• One can now specify a data stream for “Study on study” calculation (before plot). Example: input: ADXIndicatorData3(Indicator: “ADX” data3 plot1 | Length = 14);
• Portfolio Report – List of Trades now shows instrument’s resolution if you have the same instrument with different resolutions in portfolio.
• OEC: historical Asks and Bids with 0 Volume are now supplied.
• LMAX broker profile now automatically reconnects upon “Remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden” event.
• AvaTrade connection now supports trading less than 1 lot size.


Charting/Data Handling
• WeBank: there were no open positions information in MultiCharts after reconnect.
• Updated Session Template NYMEX: Energy Futures (Open Outcry) (for clean installations only).
• There was no Broker Position value on Order and Position Tracker Strategy Positions tab for Interactive Brokers instruments with a certain mapping configuration.
• Sometimes instruments did not unsubscribe from realtime data upon disconnecting Collect Data in QuoteManager (custom datafeeds only).
• Rithmic 01 / Rithmic Paper Trading Accounts tab now shows the Realized P/L value
• Realtime updates stopped on the other charts after closing a chart with “Merge data sources into a single chart” enabled.
• InteractiveBrokers: Improved realtime data subscription algorithms for OpenPL calculation.
• Instrument changed on a chart by mistake when it was linked to a scanner after you changed the sorting and did a rescan.
• In some cases Bid and Ask price values were missing on the TradeBar.
• Improved ASCII Import recognition algorithms for data with millisecond precision on systems with AM/PM time format. Learn more:
• DaysBack request type is no longer changed to BarsBack when you switch between minute resolution->daily->minute.
• Custom Futures: In some cases Rollover condition by Volume did not work correctly
• Bars did not receive Closed state on Non-Standard Chart Types based on 1 tick resolution when Session Break appeared (with Break on Sessions = On).
• ASCII Import: it was impossible to import a file with a specific header.
• “Show data on holidays” did not affect daily bars with “Build from minutes” enabled.
• “1 week” bar had incorrect BarStatus value if chart was plotted after session close. Learn more:
• IB: incorrect MinMove was specified when adding XINA50 using Lookup.
• IB: it was impossible to get DOM data for Swedish Stocks.
• It was impossible to select “Use Symbol Dictionary Settings” for a newly created symbol root. More info:
• Weekly chart resolution was not updating with certain sessions.
• OEC: Time and Sales window did not show any data for an instrument with no historical data in the database.
• Time Scale improvement: out of session days are now ignored when indexes are created. More info:
• Custom Futures now automatically omits spaces at the beginning and at the end of the CF name (new instruments only).
• IB. Incorrect “Additional Information” settings for Index Option 68716 (root HSI, exchange = SEHK).
• MBTrading: in some cases DOM window was not populated with data.
• Sometimes daily charts from TradeStation did not start updating on Monday.
• In some cases open position and active orders were not shown on a chart after Symbol Mapping was added.

• Manual Trading: active exit strategy order that is not in an OCO group is not cancelled when you disconnect the broker profile.
• Manual Trading: Master Strategy is now rebalanced according to its settings when position size changes.
• In order to avoid incorrect order price Async auto trading mode is now limited to “Get Real-Time Data from: Chart”.
• Improved order modification algorithms for auto trading.
• Portfolio Report: Profit values in List of Trades did not take the big point value into account.
• Report: incorrect Equity Curve Detailed when using Currency Conversion.
• Report: Strategy analysis and Daily Rolling Period Analysis pages had different data with Currency Conversion enabled.
• “Assign the Initial Market Position at Broker” dialogue window is now shown for all auto trading instruments in Portfolio Trader.
• IB: Orders for Index Option 68716 (root HSI, exchange = SEHK) got rejected.
• OANDA: Incorrect order status after frequent order modifications.
• Portfolio Trader: in a certain situation multiple open positions were highlighted and closed in one go, though single position was intended to be closed.
• In some cases DOM window did not display active orders upon workspace opening.

• WFO: added a registry key for picking data series different from data1 for generating samples.
• TPO Indicator was not plotted with certain sessions.
• PlaySound is no longer triggered during optimization – caused increased memory usage and slowed down the progress.
• NoPlot didn’t work for historical calculation in the scanner window.
• Minimum timer increment for RecalcLastBarAfter can now be adjusted in the registry:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TS Support\your MultiCharts version\Power Language
Key name RecalcLastBarAfterMinStep. The value is specified in milliseconds.
Learn more:
• Market orders were cancelled in auto trading when “Cancel market orders…” option was disabled (for Quik, Avanza & TT brokers only).
• It is now possible to select Currency for the instrument in QuoteManager (Edit Symbol->Settings tab) which will have priority over the Exchange Currency. It is useful when you trade instruments with different currencies listed under the same exchange.
• Input values for special orders (SetBreakEven, SetProfitTarget, SetStopLoss, SetDollarTrailing, SetPercentTrailing) can now be treated in the currency of the symbol. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TS Support\your MultiCharts version\StrategyProp and create a key SpecOrdersAmountIsStrategyCurr. 0 – calculate amount in instrument’s currency. 1 – calculate amount in strategy/portfolio currency. Learn more:
• Initialization issues when using global variables names as variable names in functions.
• Incorrect backtesting results when using Extended Backtesting and IOG.
• In some cases Simple Function calculation result was different from TS.
• Improved Backtesting Assumptions behavior for limit orders. Learn more:
• GetNumPositions and GetPosition returned different values after starting the auto trading.
• Orders were not sent when BarStatus = -1 and AllowSendOrdersAlways = True.
• Optimization did not run if delimiter was changed in the System Regional Settings.
• AA auto trading mode now keeps information about pyramiding orders when no values are changed in “Assign Initial Market position at the broker” dialogue window upon auto trading start.
• Portfolio: Max Intraday DrawDown in the Optimization report was different from the Performance report when using the currency conversion. Learn more:
• OpenD and CloseD are Series functions now.


• tsServer.exe did not finish upon completely closing the platform.
• Unreasonable accumulation of memory in MultiCharts.exe when auto trading 40-50 charts for reasonable amount of time.
• Sometimes MultiCharts window became frozen when switching instruments in a scanner linked to a chart due to attempts to do symbol mapping automatically.
• QuoteManager crashed on importing corrupted QMD file.
• MultiCharts.exe – increased memory usage because of position size overflow.
• Interactive Brokers: removed excessive log trace of depth of market data requests.
• Increased memory usage of Host32.exe when loading a lot of data from GlobalServer.
• In some cases MultiCharts window was not responding for some time due to attempts to add symbol mapping automatically (OEC, OANDA, CQG).
• In some cases MultiCharts window did not appear upon start.
• Fixed slowdowns, CPU usage is no longer increased for non solid horizontal drawings with size > 0.
• Exception appeared when using DDE instrument that has more than one asterisk sign in the DDE settings.
• Exception appeared due to resolution switching while loading Bar Magnifier data.
• Charting speed improved for situations with a lot of text drawings on each bar.
• CPU usage no longer increased when using Forward Testing on tick based resolution in Portfolio Trader.
• Build Volume on: Trade Volume on 1 tick charts now splits the Volume based on the price direction.
• Exception appeared upon update when databases had an exchange with 8 signs in abbreviation.
• Read Only studies no longer disappear upon update.

• Windows inside workspace no longer rearranged by themselves. Learn more:
• Sometimes POC was not visible on inactive chart window. Learn more:
• The content of a detached window (with auto-hide) was not drawn until you activate this window.
• TIF value was reset after manual disconnection/connection of LMAX broker profile.
• Service DOM window did not store the instrument name in the Desktop file.
• QuoteManager Data Sources window has been updated and now contains direct links to connection instructions in the Wiki.
• Portfolio Trader Strategy Performance Report now shows “N/A” Start Date under the Settings tab if there were no trades generated. Learn more:
• Portfolio Performance Report profit values got shifted compared to trades.
• Place Order and Exit strategy panes on the Chart Trading Panel are now automatically expanded when there is enough room for them. Learn more:
• It was impossible to reset the font style after Bold or Italic option was selected in chart settings.
• It is now possible to show/hide additional columns for IB data feed in Order and Position Tracker – Accounts tab.
• In some cases Order and Position Tracker Strategy Positions tab did not show all of the positions.
• Hidden indicator became visible after compilation.
• Day High / Low values were not up to date in DOM window if MultiCharts became unauthorized.
• Current Value in Optimizable inputs window was incorrect for the disabled inputs. Learn more:
• Switched off indicator became hidden after switching it on. More info:
• Hidden indicator became visible after compilation.
• Currency sign did not update in Order and Position Tracker window for OEC account.
• Fractional price scale had incorrect denominator shown in the DOM and on the chart trading panel. More info:
• Default hotkeys for “Close Window” and “Detach Window” can now be redefined. Learn more: