New MC build – 7.4.4953

We released a new build of the 7.4 release. The only change from the 4906 build that was the official release is that we added IWBank broker and datafeed. All customers going forward should get the new build, while customers with 4906 that don’t need the Italian based IWBank broker/data don’t need to upgrade.

One thought on “New MC build – 7.4.4953

  1. dukati

    I am trying to use IWBank data feed but there is a big bug, i can receive the right price, bid, ask data for all symbols but all volume values are wrong and muck bigger then the real values for all symbols. I had the same problem using the plug-in that i downloaded from the iwbank website for add the iwbank data feed in the older version of multicharts, before that the 7.4.4953 was out. I hope that you are going to solve this problems because here in Italy many traders want to use IWBank data feed with multicharts. I asked almost 30 days ago in the multicharts live-chat for a solution but I am still waiting for that. I hope that you will tell me soon what to do to solve this problem or if you are unable to solve that tell me that too because i am paying for a data feed that I can’t use.

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