MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 4

MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 4 has multiple updates and fixes for the features that were introduced in Beta 1. You can learn more about the new features that were added and the bug fixes in MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 1 here.


License Manager

In the light of the forthcoming MultiCharts Advanced Strategy Pack release, the License Manager window allows for viewing your license details, specifically: your license volume, its expiration date and the features enabled for it. It also introduces the ability to purchase an additional license directly from your MultiCharts platform and automatically link it to your existing account, as well as automatically authorizing MultiCharts with the new license.


 General improvements

  • Fixed the bug that would not allow for adding certain symbols from Trading Technologies.
  • Changed the appearance of the time/date controls for the Backup/Restore, ASCII Export and Historical Data Download schedulers.
  • CQG: added the support for the encryption protocols TLS 1.2.
  • Extended the functionality available for the mouse wheel.
  • Added the possibility of formatting spreadsheet cells when exporting Strategy Performance Report to Excel and OpenOffice.


  • Changed the appearance of the Format Objects dialog.
  • Self-adaptive trading: the settings for it are now found on the Autotrading tab of Strategy Properties.
  • Added the “Yes to All” and “No to All” options when saving the workspace. Learn more.
  • Dialog windows now appear above the service windows. Learn more.
  • Profit Factor of the Trades Summary report is now displayed in fractions.
  • Cumulative Delta charts no longer display the decimal values on the price scale.
  • Improved the responsiveness of the Format Signals dialog.


  • Handled the situations with MultiCharts becoming not-responding as a result of the filters change in the Order and Position Tracker.
  • Handled the exceptions that happened when viewing Strategy Performance reports during automated trading in AA mode.
  • Handled rare cases with QuoteManager not responding on start.
  • Rectified the situations of memory leaks at the autotrading start.
  • Portfolio Trader: fixed the bug with the backtesting results being discarded after opening the Strategy Properties dialog.


  • Manual trading: improved the behavior of the active exit strategies after the position reversal.
  • Interactive Brokers: it is now possible to preserve the connection to TWS/Gateway when they are logged off.
  • Rectified the incorrect synchronization of strategy positions in Order and Position Tracker when running several instances of MultiCharts.
  • Fixed the bug with the Assign the initial market position dialog not recognizing the chart strategy position.

Charting/ Data Handling

  • Added the option for displaying only the real prices of trend offset of the FlexRenko charts. Learn more.
  • Rectified the issue with Custom Futures not receiving realtime data under specific conditions.
  • Volume Profile: fixed the bug with the Column Width changes not being applied.
  • Fixed the issue with Volume Delta/Cumulative Delta charts based on the “Ask Trade vs Bid Trade” breakdown being built from minutes instead of ticks upon the opening of


  • Handled the situations when IOG could be enabled in Portfolio Trader.
  • Restricted the possibility of recompiling signals utilized in autotrading.