MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 5

MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 5

MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 5 has multiple updates and fixes for the features that were introduced in Beta 1. You can learn more about the new features and bug fixes in MultiCharts 14.0 Beta 1 here.




Quandl data feed

Quandl is well-known as a good free source of historical data. It provides vast amounts of data and it is easy to use and understand. We hope you’ll enjoy it, as we have added Quandl to the list of the supported data feeds. Now their daily historical data is available for backtesting. The API-key can be received at  after their free registration.




General improvements

  • Added the windows swapping feature.
  • Optimization: the strategy currency is now displayed in the Optimization settings and the Optimization Report.
  • Fixed the issue that appeared when Custom Resolution Manager worked with plugins that use MD5 encryption algorithm.
  • Added the feature for the child windows to be docked to the main framework and to other child windows when resizing and moving.
  • Rithmic: added a feature that enables the data feed and the broker plugin in MultiCharts to be connected simultaneously with the Rithmic application.
  • GAIN Capital: the data feed and the broker plugin are using the new API.



  • Changed the appearance of the Format Objects dialog.
  • The users can now select the symbol to be displayed when None is selected in the currency settings (conversion is not performed).
  • Improved the visual display of Go to Specified Bar dialogue box.
  • Historical Data Download Scheduler: fixed the status displayed for the completed tasks.
  • Improved the visual display of the Format Objects dialogue box.
  • Optimization: fixed an issue with displaying a 3D graph in the Optimization Report.
  • PowerLanguage Editor: fixed the incorrect size of color selection window.
  • Fixed the hints for Breakout Up/Fade and Breakout Down/Fade manual trading strategies.
  • Portfolio Trader: column size in Forward Performance Testing and Auto Trading Window is saved.



  • PowerLanguage Editor: fixed the issue when the hint for the keywords blocked user interface during a remote connection.
  • Fixed issues when exporting large numbers of instruments in .qmd format.
  • ASCII Import: fixed the error that appeared when previewing the file with a data range exceeding 2079.



  • Fixed the issue when sometimes the orders were duplicated in Order and Position Tracker.


Charting/ Data Handling

  • Cumulative Delta: improved data operation when building a Cumulative Delta chart.
  • ASCII Import: fixed the bugs when importing ASCII files.
  • Volume Profile: the maximum Tick Per Row value increased up to 10000.
  • Volume Profile: added new values such as High/Low Volume and Developing Min/Max Volume.
  • Fixed the issue with loading real-time data on Custom Futures charts.
  • Historical Data Download Scheduler: improved the process of clearing data before downloading new data.
  • Volume Delta: improved the operation of Ask vs Bid Traded algorithm on historical data.
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed issues with historical tick data downloading when IB TWS/Gateway was launched with a time zone different from the local PC time zone.
  • Improved the behaviour of filling the data gaps when the connection to Interactive Brokers is lost and restored.



  • Backtesting: fixed an incorrect price of a Limit order in the mode Fill Limit order when trade takes place at limit price or better.

Portfolio Trader: improved the calculation of contracts during reversing positions with enabled Money Management limitations.