MultiCharts .NET 12.0 Release 6

MultiCharts .NET 12.0 Release 6 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 12.0 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts .NET 12.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts .NET 12.0 Release here:


Charting/Data Handling

  • eSignal: accommodated to the changes on the data provider end to restore adding new symbols.
  • Interactive Brokers: rectified the issue with loading the historical data for the expired contracts with Build Tick-based Bars Using: 1 Tick.
  • IQFeed: added forced reconnect if the data request is not executed within 3 minutes.
  • TradeStation: improved support for TradeStation 10.
  • Added new Custom Session Template “EUREX (Extended Trading Hours)”.
  • Rectified the issue with the permanent backfilling of Cumulative and Volume Delta data series.
  • The historical orders now take into account Daylight saving time.
  • Rectified the issue with exporting a lot of tick data into a QMD file.


  • Portfolio Trader: rectified the issue with excessive strategy calculations after a position is open.
  • The list separators are now taken from the system settings when exporting files in the CSV format.
  • Fixed the bug with Environment.IsAutoTradingMode in Portfolio Money Management Signal returning an incorrect value.
  • Rectified the incorrect operation of the rectangle drawing on multiple data streams. Learn more:
  • Optimization: fixed the bug with the optimization report not being displayed due to an unexpected value returned by Custom Criteria.
  • Rectified the issue in Backtesting Assumptions operation on realtime data. Learn more:


  • CQG: fixed the bug in which the orders cancelled outside of MultiCharts were still having the Submitted state.
  • MB Trading: added notifications for the full re-connection of the broker profile.
  • MB Trading: fixed the bug with orders receiving PartFilled/PreCancelled status upon position reversal.
  • Paper Trader: improved the Open P/L calculations when symbols are updated too frequently.
  • Rithmic: added SpeedUp connection settings (deployment).
  • Manual trading: improved the Realized P/L calculation (Position History tab).
  • Fixed the bug in which the conversion to a market order failed on bar close when the orders were pending for several bars.


  • Paper Trader: rectified the excessive RAM usage when using numerous Paper Trader accounts.
  • Fixed the bug with the TradingServer process memory consumption gradually increasing.
  • Rectified the exception that appeared when scrolling the Order and Position Tracker after scrolling a detached chart using arrows.
  • Fixed the bug in which TradingServer and MessageCenter processes were not finished automatically upon exiting MultiCharts.
  • Rectified the issue with the Feedback app not launching when MultiCharts is installed directly into the system root folder.
  • Rectified the issue with increased CPU usage when using the crosshair and an indicator on a lengthy price series.
  • Optimization: fixed the bug with the number of cores for the optimization being determined incorrectly when there’s more than one CPU.
  • Rectified the exception that happened in MCBroker.dll in a specific scenario.


  • It is now possible to specify a user-defined path for saving Optimization Report.
  • Rectified the visual issue with the connecting lines for historical orders.
  • Portfolio Trader: extended the strategy selection possibilities in Portfolio Tree.
  • Chart trading: fixed the bug where the wrong symbol is displayed in the Place Order window in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed the bug where candlestick colors are being inverted when no changes are introduced to the style settings.
  • Fixed the bug with Optimization Settings being saved upon clicking the Cancel button.
  • Fixed the bug with the crosshair vanishing after clicking on an indicator updating a drawing.
  • Portfolio Trader now shows an alert upon switching off the operation system while it is running.
  • Portfolio Trader: introduced a protection measure against starting the autotrading/forward testing on historical data by reworking the Data Range controls and adding alert messages.
  • Portfolio Trader: added context menu items for pausing the auto trading/forward testing for all/selected strategies.
  • Optimization Report: the number of decimals is no longer reset when new columns are added. Learn more: