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MultiCharts comes with over two hundred pre-built studies for in-depth market analysis, covering the most popular trading concepts and indicators. This comprehensive library includes traditional as well as state-of-the-art studies. A key advantage of MultiCharts is that any study's code can be easily modified; almost any custom indicator can be made from scratch.

Technical Analysis Indicators:

--- Market Depth on Chart ---
% Decrease
% Increase
% Chg
Absolute Breadth
Accum Dist - BuyPr
Accum Dist - PrVol
Accum Swing Index
Advance-Decl Line
Advance-Decl Ratio
Arms Index (TRIN)
Average True Range
Avg Close < Avg Open
Avg Close > Avg Open
Bid & Ask
Bid & Ask Vol Ratio
Block Trades per Bar
Bollinger Bands
Brkout of X Bar High
Brkout of X Bar Low
CCI Average
Chaikin Osc
Chaos AC Oscillalor
Chaos Alligator
Chaos Awesome Oscillator
Chaos Fractals
Chaos Gator
Comm Channel Index
Comm Sel Index
Consecutive Downs
Consecutive Ups
Count Criteria PB
Count Criteria SM
Crossovers per Bar
Crossunders per Bar
Cust Gradient- Bnd
Cust Gradient- Unbnd
Custom 1 Line
Custom 2 Lines
Custom 3 Lines
Custom 4 Lines
Custom PaintBar
Custom ShowMe
Day of Week
Day Open-Hi-Lo Lines
Day Open-Hi-Lo RT
Detrended Price Osc
Ease of Movement
First Bar of Day
First Bar of Month
First Bar of Week
First Bar of Year
Floating Text
Floor Trader Pivots
Formula OHLC
Gap Dn Bar
Gap Up Bar
Gapless Bar Chart
Head & Shoulders
Impl Volty- 1 Option
Inside Bar
Island Reversal Dn
Island Reversal Up
Keltner Channel
Key Reversal Dn
Key Reversal Up
Linear Reg Curve
Linear Reg Line
MACD Gradient
Market Thrust
Marney Range Indicator
Marney Volume Indicator
Mass Index
McClellan Osc
Mkt Facilitation Idx
Momentum Decreasing
Momentum Increasing
Money Flow
Mov Avg 1 Line
Mov Avg 2 Lines
Mov Avg 3 Lines
Mov Avg Adaptive
Mov Avg Crossover
Mov Avg Envelopes
Mov Avg Exp Ribbon
Mov Avg Exponential
Mov Avg Hull
Mov Avg Triangular
Mov Avg Weighted
New High for Chart
New High for Day
New High for Month
New High for Week
New High for Year
New Intraday HiLo
New Low for Chart
New Low for Day
New Low for Month
New Low for Week
New Low for Year
New N-Day HiLo
Next 3rd Friday
OHLC Yesterday
On Balance Volume
Open Interest
Option Delta
Option Gamma
Option Price
Option Theta
Option Vega
Outside Bar
Parabolic SAR
Pennant Brkout
Pivot High
Pivot Low
Pivot Rev Gen - Dn
Pivot Rev Gen - Up
Price < Avg
Price > Avg
Price Channel
Price Osc
Price Reversal
Price Volume Trend
Rate of Chg
Spread - Diff
Spread - Ratio
Standard Error Bands
Stochastic Fast
Stochastic Slow
Stochastic SlowK
Swing Index
Time Series Forecast
TrendLines Automatic
Typical Price
Ulcer Index
Ultimate Osc
Volatility Std Dev
Volume Avg
Volume Brkout
Volume Dn
Volume Gradient
Volume Osc
Volume Rate of Chg
Volume Ratio
Volume Today
Volume Up
VWAP reset
Weighted Close
ZigZag %
ZigZag Pnts

Auto Trading Signals:

!From Broker To Strategy MP Synchronizer!
!From Strategy To Broker MP Synchronizer!
!optimize by Sharpe ratio!
_Historical Entry
_Percent Exit Pair
_Single 1dir Rnge En
_Single 2dir Rnge En
_Single At-Mrkt En
_Single StpOrLim En
_Stops & Targets
_StpOrLim Exit
ATR Trailing LX
ATR Trailing SX
ATR Trgt & Trail LX
ATR Trgt & Trail SX
Bollinger Bands LE
Bollinger Bands SE
Breakeven Stop
Breakeven Stop LX
Breakeven Stop SX
Channel Breakout LE
Channel Breakout SE
Channel Trailing LX
Channel Trailing SX
Close at End of Day
Consecutive Downs SE
Consecutive Ups LE
Custom Strategy LE
Custom Strategy LX
Custom Strategy SE
Custom Strategy SX
Dollar Trailing
Dollar Trailing LX
Dollar Trailing SX
EntryBar $ Stop LX
EntryBar $ Stop SX
EntryBar ATR Stop LX
EntryBar ATR Stop SX
EntryBar Pnt Stop LX
EntryBar Pnt Stop SX
Gap Down SE
Gap Up LE
Inside Bar LE
Inside Bar SE
Keltner Channel LE
Keltner Channel SE
Key Reversal LE
Key Reversal LX
Key Reversal SE
Key Reversal SX
Momentum LE
Momentum SE
MovAvg Cross LE
MovAvg Cross LX
MovAvg Cross SE
MovAvg Cross SX
MovAvg2Line Cross LE
MovAvg2Line Cross SE
MovAvg3Line Cross LE
MovAvg3Line Cross SE
New High LE
New Low SE
Outside Bar LE
Outside Bar SE
Parabolic LE
Parabolic SE
Parabolic_m Trail LX
Parabolic_m Trail SX
Percent Stop LX
Percent Stop SX
Percent Trailing
Percent Trailing LX
Percent Trailing SX
PercentR LE
PercentR SE
Pivot Extension LE
Pivot Extension SE
Pivot Reversal LE
Pivot Reversal SE
Price Channel LE
Price Channel SE
Profit Target
Profit Target LX
Profit Target SX
Profitable Closes LX
Profitable Closes SX
Stochastic Slow LE
Stochastic Slow SE
Stop Loss
Stop Loss LX
Stop Loss SX
TimeExit (Bars) LX
TimeExit (Bars) SX
TimeExit (Calndr) LX
TimeExit (Calndr) SX
Trendline LE
Trendline SE
Volty Expan Close LE
Volty Expan Close LX
Volty Expan Close SE
Volty Expan Close SX
Volty Expan Open LE
Volty Expan Open SE